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Alcoool Natural Hangover Cure

Alcoool, the natural drink that prevents hangovers with no side effects.

To consume during an evening, a dinner, or after work. It will work during your sleep (even if it is short ) to wake up in good shape.

With nashi pear, lemon, mint, prickly pear, ginseng, goji berries, Vitamin B & C, turmeric, and milk thistle.

Our liver eliminates on average 2 glasses of wine per hour. The purpose of the key ingredient nashi pear is to support your liver in the digestion of alcohol.

The French (and not just them for that matter) sometimes exceed this number of glasses. Alcoool, thanks to the Nashi pear, simply boost the productivity of your liver by up to 70% (study carried out by the CSIRO).

We count on you to drink Alcoool in the early evening to let the Nashi pear act during the first stages of digestion.

Ah, the headaches
The Nashi Pear ( Korean pear ) and Prickly Pear facilitate the elimination of alcohol to get you more easily this morning fog.

Stomach and Liver crying "Help"
The thistle and turmeric act gently on your liver by neutralizing toxins while reducing nausea and heartburn.

Fatigue, a classic
Fortunately, Alcoool will give you the perfect dose of Vitamins B & C which will protect the enzymes, already present in your body, in order to boost your whole day.

To reduce dehydration, our laboratory has developed a refreshing drink with a good taste of mint and lemon by adding magnesium , potassium and calcium. 
These ingredients will compensate for the glasses of water that you forget to drink during the evening.

This Food Supplement does not contain gluten, GMOs, caffeine, lactose, soy and alcohol.

Yellow lemon and mint leaf flavour