Aesthetica #92

December/January 2019

Aesthetica magazine in one of the UK’s leading publications. A must-have guide to discovering established and emerging art practitioners from across the world.  The magazine showcases the best in contemporary photography whilst providing coverage of major exhibitions and releases. It is an essential publication for those interested in art, design, and photography.

Aesthetica#92 invites you to engage with the key themes of our times. The artists featured in it are making sense of the world through new visual narratives.

Doug Aitken’s latest installations explore the space between physical and virtual worlds, commenting on the ways that communication has changed.

Eva Vonk and Pieter Henket consider the role that the Congo Basin plays within the wider geological balance, drawing attention to the importance of oral culture, history and tradition.

In photography, there are seven outstanding practitioners who present bold and exciting series. They question the idea of home and identity, highlight the beauty of everyday objects and play with the notion of anonymity.

Finally, the Last Words goes to Sarah Cook, Curator, who discusses Somerset House’s latest exhibition, 24/7. The show looks at our non-stop world and asks us to pause.

Aesthetica is published monthly except for its December/January double issue