Aesthetica #88

This issue of Aesthetica is a celebration of the human spirit. It provides a moment of hope amongst the chaos of the everyday world.

Inside the issue:

Desert X, an innovative biennial in the tradition of American Land Art bringing the movement into the 21st century with antisocial robots and a film installation that recalls the very first site of mass oil discovery.

This year’s Diffusion Festival in Cardiff, which uses the theme of Sound + Vision to explore national identity, asking key questions about what "home" really means.

A new publication entitled New Architecture Los Angeles surveys the impact of LA’s experimental design, looking at how sustainable projects are leading a global architectural zeitgeist.

Highlights from Salone del Mobile, considering projects from cutting-edge lighting brands.

A photography section featuring work by LM Chabot, Michael McCluskey, Christophe Barneau, Massimo Colonna, Charlotte Lapalus, Tropico Photo and Nadine Rovner.