A Rabbit's Foot #3

In Issue 3, we chose to investigate the extraordinary power that film has—both moving image and still—to provoke political and cultural change. These stories resonate deeply in our conscience and challenge us, at the very least, to have a dialogue. The old adage ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ remains for the most part true…with the exception of dating apps that is.

To illustrate the power of film as a theme, we chose to interview the great rebel filmmakers who have dedicated their lives to telling political stories and challenging the status quo. We proudly welcome the master filmmaker Oliver Stone, who is interviewed brilliantly by the writer Seumas Milne. Oliver, whom I have known for 30-somewhat-years, brings extraordinary energy to his films and a boldness both as a writer and as a filmmaker.

He turns not away from conflict but towards it, and watching his films—from Salvador to Alexander (his personal favorite)—one is swept up in an organized frenetic chaos, as his story unfolds and moves us to learn and change. This is the power of film…Oliver’s controversial documentary studies are priceless insights into figures including Castro and Putin. If you haven’t seen Oliver’s films, do.