A Line Which Forms Volume 5

A Line Which Forms a Volume 5 is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research, which is written, edited, designed, and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design course at London College of Communication.

ALWFAV 5 explores how the act of leaning on, with and into a research topic can be regarded as a form of care for the complexities of contemporary society. We ask: ‘Who are we, and who do we care for?’

Bringing together contributions from Bryony Quinn, Intersections of Care, Futuress, Ramon Tejada and the MA GMD participants who share their emergent design research, ALWFAV 5 approaches the idea of leaning from a particular perspective—the encounter between care and radical transparency in design research.

By using graphic design as a critical tool for investigation and divulgation, we build physical and conceptual support structures that provide publics with a route into the research areas we contribute to.

The act of leaning is to become one entity, ceasing to be one sole element and becoming the essential part of a new conformation. Leaning is the expression of diverging forces seeking shared stability and collaboration. When leaning, we defy structural integrity and we let vulnerability arise.

We lean in search of support and care, and as we lean, we take risks and seek trust in others. When critical thinking meets critical making, we use our interdisciplinary position as designers to create connections between our research enquiries and publics. As our emerging practices lean on, with, and into research subjects (and vice versa), we exercise care for the complexities of contemporary society.