99 Percent Lifestyle #6

99 Percent Lifestyle is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on creativity, looking in-depth at creatives, businesses and the people behind them. The aim is to inspire and motivate you to live a more creative life by taking normal lifestyle topics and focusing on the creative side of them. Whether that be inspiring you to create your own travel adventure, start your own business or inspire you to become a photographer, filmmaker, artist, chef or writer, each and every piece of content we write aims at helping you become more creative and live life to the full.

In Volume 6 we take a look at the environment, looking at sustainable supply chains in business and the revolutionary work of a marine scientist in Australia that has the potential to change the future of cattle farming. We also look at the video game industry to explore topics such as Esports and the industry-changing phenomenon, battle royales with PUBG’s Brendan Greene.

We have again gone for two different covers for Volume 6, featuring photographer Chase Jarvis. One cover features a portrait picture of Chase, which keeps to the 99 Percent Lifestyle style, while the other cover features the work of Chase Jarvis.