99 Percent Lifestyle #3

99 Percent Lifestyle is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on creativity, looking in-depth at creatives, businesses and the people behind them. The aim is to inspire and motivate you to live a more creative life by taking normal lifestyle topics and focusing on the creative side of them. Whether that be inspiring you to create your own travel adventure, start your own business or inspire you to become a photographer, filmmaker, artist, chef or writer, each and every piece of content we write aims at helping you become more creative and live life to the full.


Volume 3 of 99 Percent Lifestyle magazine features some of the worlds most inspiring creators and entrepreneurs. This volume features the likes of Entrepreneur Lewis Howes, Youtuber Estee Lalonde, Photographers Alex Strohl and Rob Strok, Designers Aaron Draplin and Angus Hyland, and much more.

 Also in this magazine, we take a look at some of the most prominent figures in the business world and look at their priceless advice for building a successful business. Volume 3 is packed full of features that provide value, knowledge and inspiration from the worlds best creators and entrepreneurs, anything from the importance of coding in modern education to the power music has to inspire you to travel.