10 Men #56

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Issue 56 of 10 Men – PEACE, COURAGE, FREEDOM

These are the two words that have become the main inspiration for this issue. They trigger so much emotion and hope. It seems simple, attainable and truly possible to manifest something this straightforward. The reality, though, is very far away from this, as the terrible Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, proves. We were all shocked, stunned and horrified that this had now become our world. How could this be possible, after such sadness and loss globally, with Covid bringing deaths, illness and so much pain? The invasion just seemed unfathomable.

My mind was full of why and how this was happening. I was trying to digest and understand everything and then, in early March, a giant electronic billboard appeared in Piccadilly Circus, just around the corner from 10 Towers. Looming above Eros, I saw Yoko Ono’s artwork, asking us to “Imagine Peace”, and so the issue’s theme was born.

Ono’s message resonated so powerfully in that moment, but she has always been singular in her message of peace. Collaborating with her late husband John Lennon, she staged two very public pieces of performance art called Bed-ins for Peace during their 1969 honeymoon. The couple were engaging in a peaceful protest against the Vietnam War. That same year, they used giant billboards to get their message across, with a huge poster campaign in Times Square emblazoned with the message “War is Over, If You Want It”.

Fast forward to today and it sadly feels like nothing has changed. War is still with us, accompanied by senseless deaths and human, mental and physical damage. If only we could plant the seed of imagining peace in the minds of those who are blinded by violence and greed?

This issue tries to reflect our collective desire to find hope from despair and explore joy in so much of the editorial. Shonagh Marshall has written a spectacular piece about Ono’s lifelong journey to find peace in her work. A brilliant feature by Tony Marcus details the meaning of flowers as a symbol of resistance, peace and hope. For writer Jason Okundaye, contentment comes when he’s cycling through London, while Dominic Cadogan’s calming ritual is the daily routine of putting their face on.

The images that fill these pages bring hope and celebrate life, from the joy of walking to the beauty in diversity, faces and places. We celebrate the creative genius of Craig Green, revel in the superlative taste of fashion’s best-dressed man, Robert Rabensteiner, and take a glimpse into Christian Louboutin’s extraordinary Parisian home. Joyous moments.

At the forefront, though, is the plight of the Ukrainians. Despite their suffering, they are still finding the hope, courage and strength to fight for freedom. We are all trying to understand why this war happened and how to end it, but as Yoko Ono so wisely said: “The door doesn’t open with the first knock. Be patient.” We must continue as a collective to “Imagine Peace”.