10 Magazine #64 SS20

From the outset, our aim was to create a biannual magazine to showcase the seasonal trends within an environment of unparalleled luxury, while always striving to remain unique. Celebrating our twentieth year I wanted to have a discussion about how we see ourselves moving forwards as creatives, in light of so much change necessary to save our world, how will we, in our industry, step up to the plate and put our best foot forward? It has become a mantra for this issue –“putting our best foot forward” in every way we can.

For the issue, we spoke to truly inspiring young activists whose future depends on our actions now. We desperately need to change the narrative.

That said, I still believe it is important to inspire and, as the brilliant Alice Wilby puts it, “The fashion shoot is an important tool to inspire, change and future-proof the fashion industry.”

So this does mean we have to take a responsible attitude towards making the permanent changes necessary across the board, in our casting, addressing and incorporating a responsible attitude always to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. And we need to find ways to celebrate initiatives and individuals who can pave the way for us all, from whom we can learn and grow and make things better in everything we do, big and small.

The most enlightened lessons I have learnt from creating the issue were from a key piece about teenagers in their bedrooms, young activists with so much conviction, determination and focus they just humbled me. This group of young people are, in fact, those we should look to, to help us all grow and learn so much more. It is encouraging to see (in a recent McKinsey survey of US consumers) that Gen Z are far more likely to pay more for an item with a less negative impact on the environment than older generations, so I really do feel the future of fashion is full of hope in their hands. I am so grateful for the opportunities this issue has given me to educate myself and grow in my own processes.

Having created this magical world 20 years ago, I am thankful every day for the freedom it grants me creatively to have the right discussions and continue to question myself and evolve.