Direction Of Travel #3

"A love letter to the rich visual history of flying."

Direction of Travel is a newspaper about airline maps and the culture of flying. There's nothing from the internet, and all images and maps are photographs of physical maps collected or sourced by maker, Christian Nolle.

Volume 3 - Above the Alps

This volume of Direction of Travel includes maps that chart the evolution of two extinct European airlines, Alitalia and Swissair.

In addition to a selection of gorgeous maps, this volume also includes a number of long-form essays. In one, we explore the airport spectator balcony. In another, we take a deep dive into the importance of securing a window seat. We fly virtually across the width of Italy in the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, navigating it using an airline route map from the 1930s. You will also find a map that charts all the airport consecrations performed by the late Pope John Paul II. Finally, we share the joys of flying with our kids.

This volume features photography by David Rothenberg, Nedko Solokav, John Schabel, and Laird Kay. Forty pages filled with maps, photography, and stories. Join us on the trip above the Alps.