Fieldfare #4

Fieldfare is an independent print journal published twice a year in the UK. It explores the idea of “a sense of place”—the things and people that make a place special or unique and that foster a sense of belonging.

Through a series of photo essays, travel features, personal essays, interviews and profiles of artists, gardeners and beautiful homes, we take a longer, slower look at what connects us.

Issue 4 of Fieldfare explores the theme of alchemy.

They visit the remote Pater Noster Island on the coast of western Sweden, the bustling medina of Marrakesh, and the sleepy village of Rose in Montenegro and discover the midwestern charm of The Mill Glen Arbor in Michigan, the breathtaking setting of the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall and take a trip down memory lane in Maui.

They explore the floral photography of Brendan Barry and visit the high Victorian interiors of Leighton House and Sambourne House in London and visit the world’s only fully bespoke maker of handmade globes, Bellerby & Co. Globemakers. We seek inspiration on the Isle of May in Scotland and experience personal transformation during a trip to the San Juans.

They contemplate themes of odyssey, atmosphere, artistry and metamorphosis.