Wunderdog #5

Wunderdog is a magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs, dedicated to the good life with rescue dogs.

Wunderdog is about transformation: the alchemy of what happens when good dogs and good humans meet. One creature rescues another, for the chance to be happy and the best possible version of themselves. A wonderdog is a superhero, and a Wunderdog is an underdog who achieved happiness, even greatness.

Wunderdog Magazine issue 4 – Pets on Q, Badass Animal Rescue, Sally Muir

In issue 4 of Wunderdog Magazine, we meet lots of American dogs and their amazing people. But we don’t forget our British roots, of course, with beautifully written essays, art and two inspiring social groups who bring dogs and people together for a better life all round.
  • Meet the people behind Major Biden, officially the first rescue dog in the White House.
  • Fall in love with Charlie, the deaf Dalmatian, and Colleen Wilson, the canine-human couple being the Netflix-famous animal talent company Pets on Q
  • Find out how CareDogs helps alleviate loneliness in the elderly human and dog population.
  • Celebrate the one and only Badass Animal Rescue with 10 pages of Brooklyn Badassness.
  • Find out where your dog will want to go in Seattle.
  • Learn from the Agoraphobic Traveller how to travel from your home.
  • Enjoy the wonderfully creative life of Sally Muir and her latest book, Old Dogs
  • Hear from writer Kate Spicer why the ‘fairy tale’ of adopting a dog for a ‘happy ever after’ is a load of BS.
  • For the Dudes & Dogs article to a guy in your life who needs help with voicing his emotions.
  • Go running with the UK’s best-known Dog Jogger, Barry Karacostas.
  • And enjoy Sam the Dog Coach’s beautiful column on how to settle an anxious rescue dog in.