Unblock #4


Explore the true meaning of life & love in this fast paced, fast moving modern world; We often neglect the meaning of doing things now days, ignoring how to love and how to express love.

In this issue we have interviewed designers, artists and entrepreneurs who are vital, inspirational, compelling and full of positive energy, sharing their valuable life experiences, their state of mind and secrets of their successes.

Unblock continues the mission of cultural exchange as always, and we hope to get everyone to appreciate more the beauty of craftsmanship and charm of our heritages; We also believe that time makes value and value takes time.

We have also taken this opportunity to get closer to country-life and animals, getting along with nature really makes us feel calm, relaxed and happy.

We are very grateful to the friends of Unblock who were willing to participate in the “Love Letter” project, a warm reminder for the expression of personal feelings and real life connections, recalling the excitement of old school way - hand written love letters.

We simply just want share more love, because we do care. Enjoy.

Love & Peace