The Angels’ Share #2

The Angels’ Share is an independent magazine that explores the art, science and culture of whisky. It unearths the passion, places, skills and craft of whisky making, celebrating the time, the care, and above all, the people.

The Angels’ Share combines in-depth features with stunning photography to create a beautifully designed, incredibly stylish and fantastically well-written publication that not only informs and entertains, but inspires people with an infectious passion for every aspect of whisky production and culture.

In Issue #2

Issue Two is on sale now featuring Glen Scotia’s Iain McAlister who, 15 years ago, left a career as an engineer to run an ailing distillery despite having no experience whatsoever. And Fettercairn’s Stewart Walker, who is acutely aware of the vital relationship between the village he grew up in and the eponymous distillery he has done every job in over the last 35 years.

We also chat to Neil McGeoch who, eight years ago, decided to grow barley despite never having done it before, and when he felt he could do that, decided to open a distillery to put that barley to good use. And to John Campbell, who recently left his birthplace on Islay – and a three-decades-long career at Laphroaig – to join Neil’s distillery in the very early days of its journey.

There’s plenty more besides.