Senet #15

Senet is a new, independent print magazine about the craft, creativity and community of board gaming. It’s for people who love tabletop games, from those who are new to the hobby to veteran players and board-game designers. The magazine promotes board gaming as an art form. Each issue includes previews of the most exciting and intriguing upcoming games, features which explore the tabletop experience and the creative processes behind it, and reviews of the latest releases from both major and independent publishers.

The 15th issue of Senet magazine. Featuring:

• An exclusive interview with Eurogame luminary Bruno Cathala (Five Tribes, 7 Wonders Duel, Kingdomino). 
• A deep dive into the history of dice and the inventive ways they’re used in games today. 
• Ancient Rome as a board-game theme, whether it involves city-building, statecraft, chariot-racing or gladiators.  
• The gorgeous board-game art of Cinyee Chiu (Harvest Island, Dragon Castle, Guess Club). 
• Previews of cool upcoming titles, including Power Vacuum, Yonder and Mass Effect.
• Reviews of the latest releases, including Wyrmspan, Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs, Dune: War for Arrakis and Star Wars Unlimited.
• Meeple Lady’s guide to hosting a great game night.
• Shelf of Shame with Calvin Wong Tze Loon. 
• A new puzzle from Ira Fay.