Pitch #8

Inside every issue of Pitch magazine you will find stories, long and short, relating to the thick end of 30 different sports. It’s a genuinely groundbreaking remit and we think a first in the world of magazines.

There’s football, cricket, rugby – both types – golf, MMA, boxing, athletics and F1. And loads of others. We think the mix works brilliantly. Because ultimately we are sports fanatics. First.

Inside Issue #8: 

This heavy-duty issue sees the World's Strongest Brothers, Tom and Luke Stoltman, shoulder the brunt of the weight alongside Team GB’s gold-medal hopeful Emily Campbell. It amounts to a true cast of stars spearheading this special edition. The world’s strongest. Face to face. Across two contrasting disciplines.

Elsewhere… the Monaco Grand Prix gets lapped; Pitch serves up 10 ball-bashers in the (tennis) court, there’s sports’ most unforgiveable hairdon’ts and the strongest gold-medal contenders this side of the Seine. 

Plus! Olympic scandals that rocked the rings. Andy Clarke profiles the most dramatic and devastating moment in sport. There’s archery, cricket, basketball, rowing, and a stunning gallery of photography from the Barkley Marathons among so much other stuff. It’s a strong ‘un. Don’t you dare miss out.