Oh Magazine #58

Oh Magazine Issue 58 - Curious Playlist

132 pages of early spring optimism, hope & curiosity.

The theme for our early spring issue 58 is curiosity and the springboard for this playful curation of tonic tunes – to intrigue and inspire. From Feist’s Brandy Alexander to Nina Simone’s Forbidden Fruit, it’s a gorgeous playlist of 13 songs to wind down to, and ideal as a work-from-home soundscape.

‘What would happen if...?’

How many bold and brilliant things have begun with those words? It’s good to be curious.

To challenge the status quo. Curiosity is creative – it’s the spark that led that first person to create fire, to invent the wheel, to take to the sky.

It’s fun to see the world through this curious frame – a world where everything is a source of wonder, with secrets to share. In issue 58 we explore everything from the nod of the daffodils to the liminal, primal pull of the water; the power of our own two hands, to the art available to all of us in the dregs and daily detritus.

All it takes is a fresh perspective – and that’s what oh is all about, after all.