Monocle #132

Monocle April 2020

Monocle’s well turned-out April issue reveals a shift in how the luxury industry looks at the world. Expect interviews with leaders of top brands and retailers, a dedicated guide to Paris, reports on Lebanon’s quiet rebels and Dakar’s unexpected prosperity. Plus: the billboard boom and fresh reporting on everything from art to architecture and design to diplomacy.

From the cover...

Inside: Lebanon's quiet rebels, An Okinawan odyssey, The billboard boom, Dinosaurs - who to call if you need a T-Rex.

Affairs: Marales's quandary in Bolivaia, Business: Why retail's on track in Japan, Culture: Get to Guadalajara, Design: Why the Swiss are bricking it, Entertaining: A tour of Lisbon's lively 'tascas' Fashion: Built-to-last brands.

A Springy Gear Shift: A refresh on what to wear, talents to watch and businesses to bench mark. 

Smarten up: Required reading on spring and summer looks.

Who's The Boss? Talking shop with six heads of fashion's best brands and retailers. 

The Paris 75 (avec 'Les Echoes'): Our editors' secret selection of the city's top tables, finest stores, off-the-track museums, art dealers and whisker snippers. Oh, and a late night schwarma.

The Luxury Report: Why experience really matters to premium fashion houses.