Mayday #4

Mayday is an independent magazine about the changes facing people, culture, society and technology. With special attention to independent thinking and strong character, Mayday features the originals, the creatives, the heroes and the anti-heroes who shape our society with new ideas or surprising perspectives drawing on the best from our past. At Mayday we give them all space to express their ideas to an audience who might see even more connections.

Based in Copenhagen, Mayday is printed biannually and distributed to a global audience in a rare combination of clever and beautiful; serious and playful — all tailored to provide a calm focal point in a multispeed era.

In this issue:
Interview with British Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees — Jamie Bartlett’s opinion on call-out culture — Feature with Danish artist Lea Porsager — The intricacies of populism according to UK thinktank Counterpoint’s founder Catherine Fieschi — The contrasting nuances of the colour red — Contemporary realities reflected in art explained by artistic director of the MAXXI museum in Rome, Hou Hanru — Original science fiction shorts — Transhumanism’s futuristic landscape of frozen brains told by Irish author, Mark O’Connell — Photo series exploring machine visions of Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket museum — the Coffee Dispatch and much more.