Lürzer’s International Archive #6/19

Lürzer's Archive, the celebrated creative resource for advertising professionals worldwide, has been offering a full set of inspirational tools since 1984 which began with Lürzer's Archive magazine. 

The cover of the last issue on this year is an early reference to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, done by Artplan, São Paulo for the TV channel BandSports.

Our main interview, titled “The fundamentals are the same” features Kate Stanners, one of UK’s top creatives with a fabulous career that has taken her all the way to Global Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi. She’s also the current president of D&AD.

Matei Curtasu, Lead Creative at Infinit agency in Bucharest, curated this issue’s digital content. The Q&A we did with him bears the title “It will be interesting seeing ads for distant colonies.”

Besides that: 89 print and 48 film campaigns.