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LE MILE Issue 36, Spring / Summer 2024

We set off on an expedition into the ecstasy of the senses, leaving the constraints of time behind to immerse ourselves in a whirlwind of colors. This journey unveils the vibrant interplay between reality and illusion, heralding the transcendence of aesthetics. In LE MILE Magazine´s 36th issue, we artfully explore the magic and allure of TRANCE.

Athlete and Louis Vuitton ambassador Enzo Lefort shares his anticipations for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. Satoshi Kondo, the creative director of Issey Miyake, leads us through the fashion realm, revealing his method of weaving trance into his design process. Musicians Agnes Obel and artist Astrit Ismaili delve into the transcendent qualities of music and performance art. Actor and model Fernando Lindez gives an exclusive peek into his life with GUCCI and Versace. Featuring exclusive contemporary series from international artists across a variety of disciplines, including Keely Majewski, Clara Galle, Ellie Pritts, Jiayu Liu, Melissa Cody, and Fabian Oefner, we offer fresh perspectives. Alongside over 15 fashion editorials, we present an exclusive look at the SS24 collections from Versace, Miu Miu, and Issey Miyake.