Konfekt #1

Konfekt is a sharp, elegant and well-turned-out new magazine from the creators of Monocle launching in December 2020. Edited between Zürich and London and printed in Germany, it is a rich, sumptuous quarterly publication covering fashion, travel, design, drinking, dining and culture in both English and German. It also offers an equally informed newsletter and monthly podcast.

With good humour, an exacting eye and a brave spirit, Konfekt celebrates a chic, understated glamour, seeks out lesser-known stories and opens closed doors. It’s an ebullient host, a mountain trek, a winter spin on a handsome bike and even a leap into an icy lake (with the promise of a warming Reisetbauer eau de vie).

Edited by Monocle magazine’s senior editor and former Paris editor Sophie Grove and with Marcela Palek as style director, Konfekt also calls on a roster of leading journalists, thinkers and photographers from Germany, Switzerland, France and beyond. Konfekt offers an authoritative voice with wit, wisdom and just the right amount of warmth and wonder.

Our launch issue is a celebration of the craft of print and the art of sound journalism on subjects from interior design to fashion and wellness. Here are five more things you’ll learn in issue 1:

1.We take to the road with Parisian brand Rier to meet the artisans crafting exquisite collections in the mountains of South Tyrol.

2.You’ll make new friends on a Wanderwege with artist Claudia Comte in Basel, at dinner with artist Sissel Tolaas in Berlin and shopping with Myung-il Song in Vienna.

3.How to drink and dine well from food scoops and recipes to entertaining tips and top tables to scope out.

4.How to argue (politely) and join the Konfekt conversation. We’ve commissioned writers to offer insights on everything from the future of travel to entertaining, entrepreneurship to self-care – not to mention a deft guide to winning discussions.

5. Where to go for a weekend off the beaten track: we mark out the must-sees amid the faded grandeur of Funchal.