hube #1

The very first issue of 'hube' begins with a conversation between Ira Solomatina and fashion designer, innovator, curator, and legendary Head of Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, the inimitable Walter Van Beirendonck, who opens up about his time as part of the Antwerp Six, and shares his thoughts on gender and masculinity, the balance between digital and physical, and where he thinks fashion is headed. In his own words: “we need new eyes to see the future”.

Moving on to understanding the architecture of fluids and electrons with Aki Ishida, who asks whether architecture in the metaverse can be as genuine as architecture in the physical world.

Patrik Schumacher from Zaha Hadid Architects replies in the affirmative. For him, the metaverse is “not a game of entertainment or fantastical escape from social reality, but a functional space for communication, information exchange, and collaboration.”

The London-based design duo Auroboros imagines digital fashion as part of a utopian future. Fascinated by the theory of animal magnetism, created by the controversial 18th century German physician Franz Mesmer, they design digital garments that almost appear to live.

From the digital world, 'hube' returns to the physical diving into the vibrant creative scene of Nigeria, where photographer Stephen Tayo and hube fashion director Gabriella Norberg captured Africa’s artistic energy through local designers and talents.

Creators living in new dimensions, inspired by the past and inspiring the future. Simultaneously too serious and too ironic. They connect humanity to the future, enabling us to remain human.

Human be, hube.