Dansk #41


'The world's most independent fashion magazine'

Founded in 2001, DANSK presents international fashion seen through the smoothly minimalist eyes of DANSK – a rather distinct style, which can only ever be uniquely DANSK. The magazine focuses its attention on delivering an expert expression evident in supreme imagery, premium fashion, highly opinionated writing – a fashion title rarity – and an uninterrupted element of humour.

In this issue: Bettina Graziani, Dior dynasty, Joe Dallesandro, Zaha Hadid, Charlotte Rampling, Johnny Rotten, Dora Maar, Mugler's Multiverse, Fran Lebowitz, Dorothy Gale, Nico, Ali MacGraw Nikki Avery, Les Rita Mitsouko

It is published biannually in English and is distributed in 25 countries worldwide.