Wonderground #4

Wonderground is a vessel for stories that grow from the soil. Stories about who and where we are, where we want to go, and how we might get there.

It is said that the first vessels were created not to hold objects, but to hold stories. The vessel – made of earth, shaped by hand, fired with coals that were once trees – was revered and sacred, passed down from one generation to the next. Not for what it was, but for what it held.

Regeneration is the word that best describes the Wonderground mission, ethos and output. How can we move towards a way of being – as individuals and businesses and societies – that gives more to the world than it takes? How can we grow a world that fosters life, in all its wild expression?

Wonderground holds these questions, whilst traversing the terrain of nature and ecology, design and architecture, art and culture. We defy easy definition, because meaning is not genre-specific and life is messy.

Issue #4 - Family / Tree

This issue of Wonderground is overflowing with inspiring, exciting and cup-filling ideas, stories and conversations. Just like a healthy forest ecosystem, there’s a diversity of light and dark, hope and wonder.

In fact, consider the fourth issue of Wonderground a forest itself – a window into worlds personal and mythical, ideas alive and ageless; a place mysterious and mad, meaningful and beautiful.