British Journal of Photography #7894

The April Issue

With a focus on the history of violence around the world, BJP speak to photographers who use their camera to explore the past through the present – featuring work from Pieter Hugo, An-My Lệ and the late Michael Schmidt. Also, a pick of the highlights from Melbourne’s brand new festival, Photo2020.

As Photo 2020 biennale launches in Melbourne, a festival founded on principles of diversity and inclusion, find out more about some of the exhibiters; Jesse Boyd-Reid, James Tylor, Emma Pillips, Georgina Cue and Sam Forsyth-Gray.

When a Mexican curator invited Pieter Hugo over to make new work, “His only brief to me,” says the photographer,”was that it be about sex and mortality”. So began a two-year inquiry into the country’s complex relationship with life, death and the afterlife.

German photography owes a huge debt to Michael Schmidt, whose work is the subject of a large-scale retrospective in his hometown, Berlin. Michael Grieve meets the show’s curator, Thomas Weski, a longtime collaborator.

An-My Lệ examines historical depictions of conflict and how their legacy has led to the present “war unfolding on the home front,” the subject of her latest work.

The Agenda feature looks at the highlights of this month’s book launches and events. An interview with Aikaterini Gegisian about her new book of images that “provide visual pleasure,” and Louise Baring about the child prodigy, Jacques Henri Lartigue.

Georgie Wileman looks at the epidemic of suicide among young men, and Robert Darch delves into feelings of anxiety and melancholy in the UK as it faces up to an uncertain future.

Chiara Bardelli Nonino, the photo editor of Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue and Vogue gives an interview about her thoughts on commissioning photography, and BJP preview Sohei Nishino’s new work which takes a step towards climate activism.

Projects this month looks at places that have found new purpose: a former mining town in Belgium by Filippo Maria Ciriani, a knife workshop in Sheffield by Theo Deproost, and a disused airstrip in Romania by Mihai Şovǎialǎ.