Bold Journal #11 Money

Bold Journal is a South Korean Lifestyle Magazine for fathers living in this era, and is a premium media brand that captures the significant value of life in a modern tone.

Issue No.11 - Money

Decisions about money are always linked to decisions about something more than money. Whether you work a few hours a day, what you wish for happiness, whether you are optimistic about the future, what time is a priority, how much you will tolerate others.

We choose money. In this issue of Bold Journal I collected the stories of fathers and their relationship with money. In order to get rid of unnecessary money, not to be overwhelmed by money, check out the values ​​to use money as a meaningful tool and get insight into a better life from the stories of those who have fixed their lives. 

The words of the publisher
Everything we do has 'money'. Money is a must for small and large-scale eating and drinking. Even if you want to buy a house or get a new house, you have to open your hands to the bank, and even if you want to pay for it, you have to pay attention to paying off debt for several years. Even if you want to make a change in your life, it is only when you have to deal with the problem of "money" when you say "I can not help it". To refer to the utility of money in capitalist society is like talking about the importance of air living on Earth. This Bold Journal confronted a subject that might be so huge but perhaps even meaningless to discuss. 

It is indeed unreasonable to say that you should pay less in situations where everyone is trying to make a living, including myself. However, when I think about money as I invest in real estate to safeguard and improve my possessions, I realized that the essence starts with the desire to reduce the uneasiness of the future that has not come. I was able to understand the meaning of the discussion that this Bold Journal is attempting. 

The eleventh Bold Journal is a book that shows the wisdom and attitude of many people about money. In the end, the meaning of money.