Beauty Papers #7

The world is full of relentless imagery of pseudo glamour masquerading as beauty. In reality this has nothing to do with “beauty” it is about conformity, brand and formula. Peddlers of false hopes, hierarchies, religions and pornographers have all subverted beauty for their own end. Without character and emotion, there is no beauty and it is too oppressive to present one ideal to women or men. Punk said, “screw the formula.” We say liberate creative beauty, give beauty a brave new face. There is nothing more inspiring than beauty when the chains are taken off. Maxine Leonard, Valerie Wickes, Beauty Papers

In this issue: Duggie Fields, Clive Arrowsmith, Michael Roberts, Cindy Sherman, Paolo Roversi, Cate Blanchett

Covers Cindy Sherman, Cate Blanchett, David Bowie and Paolo Roversi