Arles #2

Arles was launched by the The LUMA Foundation, now in its second issue it offers a 'southern perspective' to culture and the arts across the Mediterranean.

Peter Linbergh, Martin Parr, Jacks Pierson, Camille Vivier: an exceptional set of perspectives and an unprecedented diversity of talents have been brought together in this second issue of Arles. This issue also pays tribute to the vitality and verve of half a century of photographic art in the city through the photography festival founded by Lucien Clergue, Michel Tournier and Jean-Maurice Rouquette in 1969.


Peter Lindbergh, Martin Parr, Arlesian Dess, Rachel Rose, Juan Bautista, Picasso and Arles, La Fabrique, La Tour Du Valat, Mohamed Bourouissa, Jack Pierson, Nord-Pinus, Camille Vivier