Black Hoops Earrings

This is a twisted version of very classical hoops earrings, this time inspired by tropical flowers with a romantic rock taste.

Their bright colors but small size make them perfect to match with your everyday style and casual outfit.

These small floral hoops come in several color choice for you match your favorite hues.

If you dress up for work or are planning on a day out in the sun, these are the go-to earrings for effortless unique style.

These earrings are made out of 3d printed nylon with sterling silver hooks.

Nylon is a very light and resilient material making this floral earrings very lightweight and comfortable for anyone to wear. The hooks are handmade in sterling silver.

The radiant colors are achieved by hand dipping the pieces in hypoallergenic pigments, which are then sealed and waterproofed, to a lovely smooth and matte finish.

These statement earrings combine organic and geometrical design, have a taste of modern hippy rock style and will make you feel radiant and unique.

They are inspired my tropical leaves and carnivorous plants, and are part of the Rainforest Series.

These oversize hoops earrings are particularly fluttering for those with oval, rectangular and square face shape.