Scrubby Sponge Holder

If you have a lot of dishes and need a helping paw, Scrubby is here with your sponge in his claws!

Meet the Trusty Sponge Holder - Scruba-dub-dub to your heart's content with Scrubby, the handy sink sponge holder for kitchen! From Design Awarded OTOTO Studio comes Scrubby, the kitchen sink sponge holder. After washing your dishware, hand over your dish sponge to Scrubby for safekeeping!

Paw-some Little Treat - Looking for a sponge holder for your kitchen sink? Scrubby is the fun kitchen gadget you never knew you needed! Make your kitchen stand out or share this little fur-friend with your loved ones!

A Helping Paw - Not excited to do the dishes? Scrubby the bubbly sink sponge holder is here to keep you company. Scrub and rinse your cups, plates and utensils with the help of this feline sidekick. Just stick Scrubby, the dish sponge holder to the side of your sink to keep it handy!

Design Filled with Purr-sonality - More than just a regular kitchen sponge holder, Scrubby, the kitchen sponge holder for sink, is here to add a touch of purr-sonality to your kitchen. Enjoy a bit of quirk and kitsch while and make your kitchen stand out!

A sprinkle of fun - Ever heard of the one where they lived happily ever after? Well, that's always the story with OTOTO's products. Our team strives to create home products with a quirky twist. Our cute products are here to stop the bore in doing chores!