BranD #69

BranD #69 - Ethnic Elements In Design

"The theme of this brand's 69th issue is Ethnic Elements in Design, which shows the methodology of presenting various ideas and creative designs by combining various cultural and traditional elements with modern design.

In this issue, we will understand various cultural and traditional elements and explore ways to develop design by actively utilizing design elements from other cultures.

"BranD NO.69 [Ethnic Elements in Design]" is a book recommended for those who are interested in comprehensive ideas and creative design in the design field.

This book will help you understand creative design and cultural diversity, and give you ideas on how to use cultural elements in design." –text translated from Korean

About BranD:

BranD defines a new way to look into communication design by presenting, researching, and manifesting excellent works in visual art, advertising, product, graphic design, and more. Every issue defines a theme and invites worldwide notable branding designers to analyze and discuss the methodology behind meeting diverse customer demands, meanwhile enhancing the brand value through high-quality design.