The BikePacking Journal #7

Published just twice a year, printed in Germany using the highest quality materials, and available in limited quantities, we see The Bikepacking Journal as an alternative to today’s ubiquitous glossy magazines. It’s our hope that you’ll find the stories worth revisiting and sharing with friends.

We’ve obsessed over every detail to design the most beautiful printed product possible, and to create the most enjoyable experience for our readers. Take a break from your screen, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let our group of passionate contributors transport you to incredible dirt roads and trails in nearly every corner of the world.

In our seventh issue’s 160 colorful pages, we accompany a new group of writers and photographers as they pedal down the Great Divide, through the Dolomites, across South Africa, around Central Asia, and more. We also honor the legacy of the late Iohan Gueorguiev, whose See the World videos inspired countless bikepackers over the years.

A little more than three years and 1,000 pages after launching the first issue of The Bikepacking Journal, we were met by a familiar mix of excitement, anticipation, and pride as we prepared our seventh printed edtion. We were excited to finally share a fresh selection of work from around 20 writers and photographers, anticipating how some of the ideas our readers found inside might make their way into their lives on and off two wheels, and proud of each of our contributors for having distilled the questions and thoughts they amassed over weeks or months of pedaling into just a few thousand words or a handful of images and being bold enough to let us publish them in print—some for the first time.

Issue seven was a celebration of courage and discovery of what we’re capable of when we don’t let others’ expectations define us. It was an ode to the small joys of our shared passion for riding bicycles and a gentle reminder to resist rushing through anything too quickly. It was a reflection on how we can understand places and their history much more deeply when we’re mindful of whose tire tracks and footsteps we follow. And it was also a tribute to the late Iohan Gueorguiev and his incredible series of See the World videos that inspired many thousands of bicycle travelers and may well be what spurred our readers’ interest in bikepacking and ultimately led them to supporting our work as members of the Bikepacking Collective.

As a thank you to our members, we also included a hand-illustrated “Bikepacking the World” map by renowned Australian artist Alex Hotchin. Offset printed with high-quality paper and inks, it was a beautifully detailed 21″ x 16″ (53cm x 40 cm) map featuring dozens of iconic bikepacking routes around the world and a vibrant array of rich and colorful imagery associated with the various corners of the world through which they travel.

Stories in Issue 07
  • Battle in the Track: Unlocking the Asiago Loop by Tristan Bogaard and Belén Castelló (Italy)
  • Be Brave: Second Spin on the Silk Road by Jenny Tough, Danil Usmanov, and Yam G-Jun (Kyrgyzstan)
  • A Bikepacking Retrospective: An Adventure Worth the Weight by Brandon Weaver and Jerod Foster (Colorado)
  • Breaking Away: Dead Last on the Veneto Trail by Joshua Meissner (Dolomites)
  • The Devil’s in the Details: Zooming in on ZA by Johan Wahl (South Africa)
  • Finding Roots: A Ride of Rediscovery by Kae-Lin Wang (Great Divide)
  • First Date: Strangers on the Baja Divide by Evan Christenson (Mexico)
  • Northern Migration: A Seasonal Cycle by Bjørn Olson (Alaska)
  • A Journey Ended: Remembering the Bike Wanderer by Alex Cooper and Dean Liebau (Texas)
  • Undaunted: Becoming a Bicycle Traveller by Marsha Jean (Central Asia)
  • What Would Mary Do?: Hostel Hopping the Highlands by Lee Craigie and Maciek Tomiczek (Scotland)