The BikePacking Journal #5

Published just twice a year, printed in Germany using the highest quality materials, and available in limited quantities, we see The Bikepacking Journal as an alternative to today’s ubiquitous glossy magazines. It’s our hope that you’ll find the stories worth revisiting and sharing with friends.

We’ve obsessed over every detail to design the most beautiful printed product possible, and to create the most enjoyable experience for our readers. Take a break from your screen, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let our group of passionate contributors transport you to incredible dirt roads and trails in nearly every corner of the world.

Our fifth issue of The Bikepacking Journal was mailed to our Bikepacking Collective members in late 2020. Issue 05 is a bit different from the others before it in that the pandemic left an unmistakable mark throughout its pages. Although we still gathered perspectives from four continents, many of our contributors’ orbits were smaller than they would be in better times. And, given that, we think even they were somewhat surprised by the thoughts and themes that came out when they returned home and put pen to paper.

With The Bikepacking Journal 05, we were thrilled to present new stories and photos from a handful of people we’ve long admired, as well as a few fresh voices and first-time writers of whom we’re incredibly proud and excited about highlighting. Some shared about the joy and grief they were processing during the most tumultuous year many of us can remember. Others looked back through their archives to relive and reexamine trips that won’t be possible again for the foreseeable future. Taken together, we think this collection marks another small step toward our goal of publishing a truly broad range of voices and subjects in print.