Dropped #3

Dropped Magazine aims to share stories and perspectives from a variety of cyclists to help encourage people to get out and ride. We want to promote the sport of cycling as an inclusive community, which has plenty of room for everyone to fit in.

In volume 03, there are a variety of perspectives and opinions, from within the cycling community. There is a variety of Q&As about racing, inclusivity, photography and travel, alongside some longer, reflective stories.

Each feature is accompanied with incredible photography, capturing the awe-inspiring moments, often found whilst adventuring by bike.

Volume 03 is sustainably printed to help reduce our demand for the earth's natural resources.

170 x 240mm portrait
Image wraps around cover
Carbon neutral
Printed on 100% Recycled paper

What’s inside?
The Badger Divide
The Badger Divide is a 320km, all-road, bikepacking route from Inverness to Glasgow; expect gravel, singletrack, hike-a-bike, and a hint of asphalt.
We rode the route this summer over a four day stretch and recapped on our trip within Volume 03.

Photo Essay
Each issue of Dropped Magazine features a photo essay, documenting the images captured by a cycling/adventure photographer.
In this issue, we speak to Michael Blann on his ‘mountains’ project.

The pandemic has affected life in a host of negative ways, too many to mention. But the working-from-home culture has one huge benefit; the ability to move from a 9-5 job to a 5-9 adventure, in a matter of minutes.
One minute you’re staring at a computer screen, the next you’re at the beginning of a cycling adventure. ‘Microadventure’ perfectly highlights that you don’t have to travel far to reconnect with nature.

In conversation with Fairlight Cycles
We sit down with the co-founder of Fairlight Cycles, Dominic Thomas to discuss Fairlight’s process of designing & manufacturing steel frame bikes.
During this Q&A, we go behind the scenes to discuss their design process, we flick through Dom’s sketchbooks and we also discuss the importance of making and testing prototypes, during the design process.