The Forecast #13 2022

The Forecast - issue 2023

At the front
  • Despite the challenges, there is cause for optimism in 2023Andrew Tuck on optimism for 2023.
  • Watch this space: Our round-up of innovators, fresh thinkers and business mavericks reveals how a storied food movement is transforming farming, what’s causing a stir between the covers in Jakarta, which renowned watch-maker is stirring the creative pot – and just how game the Germans really are.
  • Ready for the reawakening: Once a paradigm of how a failing metropolis could be turned around, New York appears to be backsliding towards the bad old days of violent crime, crumbling services and perilous subways. We meet the residents determined to get their city back on track – and unpack what the headline-making numbers really mean.
  • Life during wartime: Ukrainians are making plans for a victorious future but most accept that peace is still a long way off. In the latest in a series of dispatches for monocle, a Ukrainian writer-turned-reservist reports from the front line.
  • Call to arms: The conventional war in Ukraine has been good business for defence firms. But other potential skirmishes could play out in more hybrid warfare in the year ahead.
  • What's in store?: The past few years have held little respite for department stores already under threat from e-commerce but a Spanish stalwart is looking for a way forwards.
  • Village green: Construction is one of the most environmentally damaging industries and, it insists, there will be no greenwashing. In the Danish capital, one developer is trying to lead from the front – and swell its coffers in the process.
  • What’s on the horizon?: From travel and tourism to fuel and furniture, leading industry bosses expound on the opportunities and challenges that they are ready to tackle in 2023.
  • Looking forwards: Predicting the future is a notoriously tricky game, yet past experiences and current concerns can provide important clues – whether that is charting the success of bold urbanism, learning lessons from cultural controversies or simply imagining new histories.
  • Sound and vision: Many tech companies have tried to be crowned kings of the podcast market but no single leader has emerged. We meet the visionaries at Podimo, who hope that their hyper-local approach will help them rise to the top.
  • Future projections: Want to know where your next favourite book, film or TV series will come from? We speak to a host of industry insiders from around the globe to uncover the passion projects and critically acclaimed releases that will be exciting audiences in 2023 and beyond.
  • Desert Dwellers: In an unforgiving landscape, we meet the architecture students building on Frank Lloyd Wright’s ethos of ‘learning by doing’ – even if that means getting their hands dirty and dodging the odd scorpion.
  • Making the cut: The landscape of the furniture industry is changing: global supply chains are strained, making access to materials difficult and consumers are demanding products that enhance their wellbeing by being designed, produced and supplied transparently. We profile five brands rising to these challenges.
  • Material effect: Renewing a heritage brand takes a special kind of vision. As the newly installed head of fashion house Hugo Boss, Daniel Grieder explains how he is balancing traditional tailoring with innovative technology to create a business fit for a new age.
  • Talking shop: Blondie Tsang, president of Lane Crawford and Joyce, reveals how post-pandemic luxury retail is changing. The group is enticing customers back with upgraded interiors, edgy new brands and bespoke shopping experiences.
  • On the nose: With Byredo, fragrance came first and only then did founder Ben Gorham start looking at other ways to grow the brand, by collaborating with everyone from workwear manufacturers to audio engineers.
  • Walk this way: Unbeknown to many, a region in southern Spain has a pep in its step thanks to decades of experience producing speciality footwear. Now the world’s premier shoe brands are striding towards its factories and keeping its industry running
  • Stitch in time: Our annual gaze into fashion’s crystal ball reveals how 2023 is shaping up to put the classic and personal at the centre of loose-fitting looks. And for those who prize ethical style, it’s not just the silhouettes that will be timeless.
Food and travel
  • Winds of change: Tempted by the quality of life and swept along on Atlantic crosswinds, everyone from kitesurfers to fashion entrepreneurs are altering the outlook for mainland Europe’s southernmost outpost.
  • Unpeeling success: The fragrant sharpness of the yuzu citrus is a distinctively Japanese flavour – so what inspired entrepreneur and farmer Niels Rodin to grow the fruit in a mountainous district of Switzerland? Here’s how a zest for counter-intuitive decisions can seed steady business growth.
  • On the case: The wine market is slowly moving towards more sustainable practices and finally getting over the idea that natural wine needs to smell and taste like a farmyard. Here are our picks to keep your whistles wet for the months to come.
  • Small Fortune: Moving somewhere compact needn’t mean closing the doors of professional or personal opportunity. Life in small cities can give you the best of metropolitan life, only with greater access to nature and a more relaxed pace. Our annual index surveys those that do it all and do it best.