Port #31

Issue 31 - A Time to Keep Silence

The iconic FENDI Baguette celebrates its 25th anniversary

“It was a special day when I designed this bag,” notes Silvia Venturini Fendi, “the stars aligned. The horoscope said it was a FENDI day.” The artistic director of accessories and menswear is of course reminiscing about the now iconic Baguette. So called for its playful attitude and casual styling – intended to be worn under the arm like a freshly baked la tradition – the stellar bag has become synonymous with the Roman house.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary year, collections from Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co, Sarah Jessica Parker and PORTER were recently showcased at New York Fashion Week, paying homage to the bag and NYC, the city in which its place in pop culture history was sealed (see: season 3, episode 13 of Sex and the City).

Idiosyncratic interpretations of the bag sat within a special capsule collection for men and women. Jones and Fendi cleverly referenced its utility detailing through a multi-pocketed motif, complimented by hyper-luxe and gloss – silk satin, sequins and shaved mink. Jacobs and Tiffany & Co, meanwhile, captured the glitz of New York’s cityscape through rhinestones, enamel, white gold and diamonds. The latter’s showstopper was a Baguette made entirely of stippled sterling silver, painstakingly crafted by artisans over the course of four months and delicately engraved with the national flower of Italy and New York State, lilies and roses respectively.

For issue 31, Port travelled to the beaches of Normandy to shoot the PORTER collaboration, a sleek, masculine take on the cult object. First working with the revered Japanese luggage and accessories brand back in 2019 for its Men’s AW 2019-20 collection, the renewed partnership with FENDI is an exercise in utilitarianism, executed in the brand’s hardy signature material of bonded dense nylon, which deftly repels dirt and water.

A varied colour-way of steel grey, black, rose pink, navy, verdant green and post box red plays out across its three forms that can be styled in a myriad number of ways – cross-body, hand-carried or as a belt – the Mini, Regular, or one of the bags latest incarnations: the Bum Baguette. Depending on your appetite, plenty to choose from.