Have You Seen Mikki Olsen

This heartwarming story about a missing toy will amuse and comfort your little one. Read at bedtime for a soothing sendoff.

Penguin has a
favourite teddy called Mikki Olsen. Whatever Penguin does, wherever Penguin goes, Mikki is always right there next to him. After a very tiring day, Penguin rushes to bed. When he wakes up, Mikki has vanished! But can you spot where he might be?

A calming, reassuring story about
lost things hiding right under your nose. Have You Seen Mikki Olsen? teaches your child key skills and helps with their development by:

Cute and colourful, this book is a joyous read for toddlers. Inspire giggles and calm from your child as they gleefully point out the bright pink toy on each page.