Cut Flowers: Bloom Gardener's Guide

"Cel grows her beautiful flowers with art and soul." 
–– Shane Connolly, floral designer and author

Prepare the ground, sow seed, nurture, harvest and fill your home with beautiful flowers.

Growing flowers can bring colour and life to the garden, and also give you an abundance of 
sustainable floral material to use at home. This handbook shows you how to plan a cutting garden, grow the perfect plants for the vase and nurture them so they thrive from season to season. 

Whether you have a few pots or a dedicated patch, you can 
grow beautiful blooms and learn how to cut, condition and arrange them for garden-gathered floral designs all year round, all without the carbon footprint of most shop-bought flowers!

Cut Flowers includes 
a directory of flowers, bulbs and foliage to grow, plus pro advice on creating dreamy designs.

This title is from the 
Bloom Gardener's Guide series, complete and comprehensive gardening handbooks. Bloom is an award-winning independent print magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers, and winner of the Garden Publication of the Year at the Garden Media Awards 2021. Other titles in this series include Shade and Pots.