Agenda #2

AGENDA is a capsule of thoughts and feelings of the moment each issue is created in, and as such a co-curation together with each artist contributing to the publication.

Issue #2

It travels the inner worlds, dance in space and burst through the fabric of limitless imagination.

The mind is a mystical place. Here fantasies and nightmares are just a daydream or a slumber away. We’re surfing the dark corners of the inner realms with a faint hesitation, embarking on an interstellar adventure to discover the mythical lands of the spirit and explore the wilderness within.

We’re spiralling through dark hellscapes and the pastel divine, where fantastical beasts grow, and mutations are made up. Within reach are parallel universes and portals to dimensions we don’t yet know; some that we will create, others to discover and explore.

We’re tumbling through technology, grasping for reality through the screens as we escape into virtual worlds.

And in the eye of the storm we rest quiet, amid the chaos we stand still. Slowly sinking through the layers of consciousness we’re finding our way home.