Ten Men #50

Issue #50 AW 2019 BOYHOOD, MAN, EVOLVE 

Can you believe this is the 50th issue of 10 Men? We can indeed, as each of those 50 took a lot of blood, sweat and (fashion) tears in order to make it the kind of menswear magazine you will want to read for all these years. And so we hit this big landmark, the golden anniversary. What do we expect? Gold, of course. Jewellery, a big plaque we can stick on the wall of Ten Towers or just a good ol’ golden bar. We like to stick with tradition. Well, kinda.

For Issue 50, the focus was on debunking the notion of boyhood – how growing up affects style (or does it?) and vice-versa. On fragrances, make-up and dressing “appropriately” for your age – the issue talks about every aspect of growing up and evolving. Kim Jones tells all about his ongoing success story as the head of Dior’s menswear, while artist Gengoroh Tagame makes his second appearance in the Ten saga, now with a focus on the story behind his homoerotic manga series. There’s A LOT to read, and even more to look at, so stay tuned until this Friday, September 27th when BOYHOOD, MAN, EVOLVE aka Issue 50 hits the newsstands. Today, we’re revealing the first of our four covers – Alexandre Carey-Morgan working some neon Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia, styled by Vincent Levy and shot by Benjamin Lennox. But as always, the best introduction comes via our Editrix-in-heels Sophia Neophitou and her Editor’s Letter:

“I feel like it’s no accident that Peter Pan was a boy. Eternal youth and the desire to hold on tight to it, to perpetuate it and fight off the responsibilities of manhood, has become the common journey so many face and struggle with completing. Some never want to make the transition from boy to man, never manage to navigate their rite of passage into the land of adulting.

What fascinates me is that moment, the very cusp of this transformation, just before childish things are left behind and, as the brilliant Louis Wise puts it, “the man-in-waiting” can no longer dodge the passage of time. So it is on this moment that we have lavished our attention this issue. It’s so brief and fleeting, and evaporates like twilight so quickly, but it is a moment to celebrate – very special, very short – and it really does disappear in the blink of an eye.

Some, thankfully, contain their little Peter Pan voice inside, and of course some never manage or desire to let it go, so the child within remains. They retain their footloose and fancy-free attitude, shunning their adult responsibilities. The majority do step up to the plate and embrace the passage of time and celebrate the next stage, but some others fight it, desiring never to move on from their Peter Pan lifestyle.

The ideal would be for us all to retain a little Peter Pan recklessness and abandon always, but remember that time is forever moving and cannot be halted. Try to find the happy place while moving forward, acknowledging, accepting and celebrating each changing moment, each and every step of the way.”