Table #7

Table is a food, travel and lifestyle magazine based in the United Kingdom. With each issue they aim to celebrate the people shaping our food culture as well as the community. Accompanying these stories there will be a curated selection including travel and design features, recipes, restaurant highlights and thought provoking essays.

Join them for Volume 07 where they explore the concept of Togetherness. From desserts that taste best when shared, like their Almond & Honey Cake, to Courgette Carbonara made by mother and daughter.

Drinks writer & broadcaster Abbie Moulton explores the age-old adage "what grows together, goes together". Food writer and self-professed egg enthusiast Ed Smith is on a mission to increase egg consumption in his piece ‘Happiness is Egg Shaped’.

Their team also brings you along to their travels to Athens, Greece where they marvel at the monuments old and new.