Sorbet #31

Sorbet is an independent magazine which aims to redefine the way people think about lifestyle publications. We are a thematic, quarterly ‘book’ that explores fashion, art, affluence and everything in between. We don’t adhere to in-house guidelines and creativity is at the forefront of our agenda.

Through innovative editorials and internationally reputed contributors, every issue of Sorbet is curated like a beautiful and incredibly visual coffee table book. We are an aesthetically driven magazine who offer a completely unique take on everything you need to know about the selected theme of each issue, a thesis if you like.

Sorbet is not just a magazine, it’s an experience: one to love, to keep, to appreciate, one that inspires you and that you can learn from.

In this issue:

The human concern with the spaces we occupy is peak. The homes we’ve spent more time in than hermits in hovels have become our most sacred sanctuaries. Now, we need comfort; spaces that make us happy.

That antique deep-pile Persian rug you saw in the souk? Get it. That full set of copper pots and an over-island rack to hang them on? Get them too. Spiritual smudging? Obviously. And ancient fengshui? Absolutely. This issue is filled with exteriors (architecture) and how to fill them (interiors) with some of the leading experts in the fields, and fashion from brands such as Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Fendi, shot in some of the most spectacular spots in the Middle East and beyond.

And for the cover, spell-binding actress Rossy de Palma is the epitome of eclectic creativity, captured in 19th century, almost certainly enchanted palace in Madrid. Wearing fairytale gowns and outré outfits all accessorized by that most talented Prince Charming, aka Roger Vivier’s creative director GherardoFelloni, who graces us with a cameo too — it seems wishes really do come true.