Pooper Heroes: A Family Card Game

The Pooper Heroes take poop from no one! Will you? Meet the Pooper Heroes: Pooperman, the Flush, Poop Fairy and Farty Godmother in this fun family card game for children aged 5+. Food gets turned into poo as you play, and players must team up with the Pooper Heroes to get rid of their poop cards – the least pooey player wins! Boring grown-ups beware, you might get pooed on!!

Zsolt Batki is a writer, one-time actor, radio journalist, university lecturer and game designer, who works in digital marketing. A father of three, he loves designing fun family games.

Aga Giecko is a London-based Polish illustrator. Whimsical characters with cheeky smiles and wonky lines are her signature style.