Onyx #3


The time has come to scale the walls. Down must become up, and backwards, forwards. Gravity will pull us towards the sky. ​Operating outside of limitations, we learn to use the familiar to build the world new in our hands...

To redefine, we break free.
To take flight, we Transcend.

One year after our sold-out second edition II: STIR, Team Onyx ’20-'21 are excited to present all of our supporters with our latest and most experimental annual printed edition yet...

III: TRANSCEND is a mind-twisting 88-paged expression of unrestricted Black creativity from over 30 Black artists, poets, writers and thinkers. From powerful political essays that lifted us up from the isolation of a lonely year to world-engulfing Black LGBTQ+ fiction with an unforgettable main protagonist, the range in this year's edition defies restriction and convention. III: TRANSCEND is both playful and interactive and features with stunning paintings and artwork, alongside deeply personal poems, short fiction, longer think-pieces and breath-defying photography series. We are proud to present you with the imaginations of such talented Black creatives.

Our III: TRANSCEND Contributors: Lalah-Simone Springer, Tosin Akinkunmi,
Paul Majek-Oduyoye, Danai D.J Denga, Jaylen Simons, Theo Angus, Jaydee Seaforth, Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi, Ide Thompson, Kofi Iddrisu, Kaeshelle Rianne, Jessica Fatoye, Enoch Chinweuba, Tamera Ama, Toya Oladinni, Ella Alvis, Tracey Mwaniki, Skai Campbell, Tito Mogaji-Williams, Ella Lebeau, Paul Majek-Oduyoye, Danique Bailey, Aisha Rimi, Theophina Gabriel, Rosa Arthur, Kristen Bingle, E.M. Ayovunefe, Ajebowale Roberts, Ebubechi Okpalugo, Zoe Thompson.

About Onyx:

Onyx Magazine is an award-winning, UK-based and independent publication founded by Black students at the University of Oxford. Currently run by a team of 19, we are dedicated and relentless champions for Black creative voices, striving to provide space each year where Black creative talent is uplifted, valued and celebrated.

The origin of our name stems from the historical use of Onyx; as early as the Second Dynasty, Onyx was used in Ancient Egypt to form pottery and art. Today Onyx Magazine exists as a medium from which artists can form and shape their voices through print. The gem also speaks to the inherent value we see within Black creatives, as well as that value being overlooked and buried in underrepresentation by creative and publishing industries.

We're dedicated to unearthing our voices, and III: TRANSCEND will mark the milestone of over 70 Black creatives being published over three editions. We look forward to sharing our latest curation with everyone.

Onyx Magazine - Edition III: Transcend
88 inside pages
205mm x 280mm
Cover: Matt Laminate
Silk-gloss pages
Silver Foiling
Environmentally Responsibly Printed in the UK