Oh Magazine #56

Just when we feel we need it most, mellow autumn arrives, offering us a chance to reflect and reconcile, slow and assimilate. This 'labours of love' issue celebrates the living of the moment – filled with passion projects, down-to-earth dreams and daily purpose, which lend our wandering, wondering minds a safe harbour.

We look at the stories knit within our belongings, the heritage of our handiwork, and seek out human tales rich in kindness & community – celebrating the many ways in which we are each other's harvest.

Featuring interviews with The Lost Words and The Lost Spells co-creators, Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris; learn to differentiate between relaxation and radical rest, with Nehanda Truscott-Reid; celebrate the memories held in our hands, with Toko-Pa Turner; stoke the fire and make bonfire soup, knit blankets for loved ones on the edge of life, celebrate the re-telling of old fairytales, and find humble plentiful pleasures in the kitchen, garden and home, with This Conscious Life co-creator, Paul Rushton. Stories of solo fathers that will swell your heart, while Tamu Thomas proclaims the importance of #nofilter feelings.