Folklife #5


FOLKLIFE is a premium semi-annual print publication inspired by island dwellers who live close to the earth, move with intention, and craft life as an art form. Evoking fine craftership with its minimalist design, matte aesthetic, poetic editorial, and vibrant photography, FOLKLIFE honours art and agriculture, business and creativity, food and farming, and dwellings and nature, all with a goal to slow the FOLK down.

Each issue explores one theme through engaging interviews, stories, photographs, recipes, and artwork, celebrating and connecting those who live simply and sustainably.

Volume 05 - SALT

In light of salt’s ubiquitous yet understated presence and influence, Volume 5 of FOLKLIFE is devoted to this mighty mineral. Salt for buoyancy, for health, for preservation, and for the recollections and tastes of childhood—a feature of this land we tend to overlook as fundamental to survival.