Initially borne from an Instagram account bearing the same name, this project is a careful process of selection and curation that sees the anonymous artist reconstitute detritus and debris discarded in over half a dozen renowned cruising locations around London into cultural artefacts.

Positioning archaeology as its point of departure, over 200 unique relics not only uncover and investigate the types of sex and pleasure that happen in cruising areas through a material culture lens, but also serve as a testimonial to the often invisible sexual practice.

Defined as the seeking of anonymous sexual encounters, cruising takes place in varying degrees of public spaces.

Typically, this includes woodlands, public toilets, green parks, car parks and more.  It remains a covert and often stigmatised sexual practice that largely pertains to men. Whilst both the rise of dating apps and gentrification have had an impact on the prevalence of cruising, it remains a sex practice that still exists today.