Create! #14

Create! Magazine is an independent, contemporary art magazine highlighting the work of artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

The art magazine is released bimonthly in a digital and print format.

Issue 13

200+ pages of interviews and features with established, mid-career and emerging contemporary female artists for you to discover and be inspired by! We are proud to celebrate women in our art community!

Cover Artist: Naomi Okubo.

Artists Selected by The Create! Magazine: Yvette Arendt, Ciele Beau, Charlotte Brisland, Ivana Carman, Andrea Castro, Hollie Chastain, Natalie Ciccoricco, Maggie Evans, Camila Fernández, Erin Fitzpatrick, Saskia Fleishman, Katherine, Fraser, Orit Fuchs, Rachel Grobstein, Lindsay Hall, Chloe Hedden, Daina Higgins Emma Hill, Monica Ikegwu, Christina Klein, Julie Liger-belair, Eliana Marinari, Jelena Marjanovic, Tracy Murrell, Lauren Mycroft, Carrie Pearce, Loreal Prystaj, Teklė Pužauskaitė, Simona Ruscheva, Denise Sanabria, Natalia Savinova, Annie Scull, Lauren Shaw, Jamie Bates Slone, Shamona Stokes, Jenni Stringleman, Claire Sweitzer Hawkins, Jessica Tenbusch, Jennifer Terrell, Patricia-lee Wilson.
Interviews: Naomi Okubo, Charlotte Edey, Kayla Mahaffey, Nadia Waheed, Nicolle Cure, Olympia Antoniadis, Yvette Mayorga.

Women Working in the Arts: Cassandra Fiorenza (Founder and CEO, Collective 131), Devon Turner (Arts Educator), Rebecca Moore (Director, Somerville Manning Gallery), Olivia Jia.