Cercle #8

Cercle Magazine has been founded in 2011 by three graphic designers and illustrators: Marlène Astrié, Marie Secher and Maxime Pintadu.

Each issue is based on a single idea. A concentration of different aspects of one particular topic (professional, visual, scientific, literary and artistic) in order to produce a surprising, cheerful and yet demanding magazine, aimed to be collected and to deliver timeless

Issue #8 – Ghosts

Content: Felipe Ribon (Conversations, France / Colombia), Velvetyne Type Foundry / Jean-Baptiste Morizot & Lucas Le Bihan (Font design, France), Jules Julien (Portfolio, France), Stephan Tillmans (Portfolio, Germany), Léo Puel (Films, France), Angela Deane (Portfolio, USA), Rhys Ziemba (Portfolio, USA), Émilie Fernandez  (Music, France), Akos Major (Portfolio, Hungary), Marie Mascret (Books, France), Christelle Dion (Graphic design, France), Eduardo Mata Icaza (Portfolio, Costa Rica), Eva Feuchter (Portfolio, Germany), Josh Courlas (Portfolio, USA), Marion Cole (Translation, France), …